What's NEW

  • Ver2.0 Update:New stage "Rio - Brazil" has been added.

  • "Operation Manual" has been updated.

  • New stage "Portgal" additional schedule has been delayed. It is currently in development. It is scheduled for July.

  • Ver1.3 : We renewed the condition of graphics and waves of "pipeline" stage.

“WORLD SURF TOUR” Users Becoming Widespread around the world
Especially popular in USA, Australia, Europe, South America and Japan.
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Riding Movie
The BACKFLIP Just watch it
Pipeline alley oop
Sick inverted 720 kerrupt flip
The cleanest beautiful air


WORLD SURF TOUR reproduce touch like surf feeling, board control by weight shift, deep bottom turn, round house cut back, aerial and maneuver varied gravity.
Each wave on stages produces the field of battle at the features of world surf spot.



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